Jet skis are one of the most exhilarating and awesome crafts we offer. Feel the wind in your hair as you plow through Boca Ciega Bay, and don’t forget to say hi to our local pod of dolphins who live right here in Boca Ciega. We rent jet skis on a first come, first serve basis – so, the earlier is usually the better. Give a call to our awesome staff at (727) 479-9075 to learn more!

Waverunner Rentals
1 Hour 1 1/2 Hours
$75 $100
  • Jet Skis are 2016 Yamaha V1s and can ride 1-3 passengers
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Need a family-friendly activity that’s easy to plan? Our Gulfport location is easily accessed from the beaches, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. The checkout process is quick and easy and we’ll have you on the water in no time.

Renting a Jet Ski

Get ready for a white-knuckle ride! our 2016 Yamaha V1s feature a reverse function, water-resistant storage compartment, extra-large boarding platform, and rear-passenger handholds which all contribute to an awesome ride.

Licensing Regulations Disclaimer

If you are interested in exploring a little further, then our Jet Ski Tours are for you! If you have little or no experience riding a jet ski, then GREAT! After 2 hours on the water with our staff, you’ll be a professional!

Contact us at (727) 479-9075 today for jet ski rentals and more!