SUP or Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

SUPs are currently unavailable. Check back soon for updates!

If three of your favorite things in life include water, sun, and exercise, then you’ve got to try the latest craze in water sports: paddle boarding. Easier than surfing, SUPs are a fun, fitness activity that is here to stay—even children can give it try. Rent an SUP from Fun Unlimited, LLC for the week and enjoy complete freedom to find your next adventure in St. Petersburg, FL.Call us at (727) 479-9075 to start planning your next escape to Florida!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding
1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours Full Day
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1 Week

• Our SUP rentals include premium race & touring paddleboards

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Not all paddle boards are created equal—find the perfect board to suit your excursion for the day. Fun Unlimited carries four different types of stand up paddle boards:

  • Surfing—At 10-feet long, these are the shortest boards and have a high rocker (banana shape) made for surfing and maneuverability.
  • All-around—At 11 to 12-feet long, these boards are for paddling, and they are stable in choppy water.
  • Touring—At 12.5 to 14-feet long, these are fast, narrow boards, also good in choppy water.
  • Inflatable—At 12-feet-six-inches, these make for great long-term rentals because you can fit them in the trunk of your car. They even come in a backpack for enhanced portability.

In general terms, beginners should start with wider, longer boards as they are stable in the water, making it easier for you to gain your balance.


Fun Unlimited, located at the Gulfport Municipal Marina on Boca Ciego Bay and serving the Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg areas of Florida, carries everything you need to either rent or buy a paddleboard.

Standup Paddle Boards

suptourPaddle boarding is similar to surfing, but it’s designed for water cruising. While you can surf with certain types of paddle boards, the sport is really about standing on the board and propelling yourself through the water with a paddle. Athletes love to cross-train on paddle boards, as they provide an excellent core workout. The sport appeals to all types of outdoor enthusiasts because it is so versatile. Depending upon the type of board you choose, you can fish, sightsee, surf, and even do yoga from your paddle board.

Paddle boarding is not just for the ocean. In fact, beginners often find it easiest to learn in the calm waters of bays, lakes, or rivers. Once you have the hang of it, you’ll enjoy countless hours of fun whether you want to catch the waves, fish, or cruise along the shore line enjoying the scenery. Since you are standing, you get an unobstructed view of the water.

Paddle boarders can even take along a friend or pet, because the front of the board can accommodate a “hitchhiker.” Grab a cooler and a paddle board from Fun Unlimited for a family-friendly or romantic picnic and back again as the sun is setting. Once you’ve got the stand up paddle boarding bug, you’ll want to check out our specials page for great deals on multiple rentals.

In addition to SUP rentals, Fun Unlimited handles jet ski rentals, and with our local connections, can help you find the best deal on a boat rental. We’re a military family who runs our business with the personal touch. With ample free parking, a friendly staff, convenient online booking, and a smooth checkout process, why go anywhere else in St. Petersburg for watersports?

To learn more about our SUP rental options, contact us at (727) 479-9075.