How to build a water sports rental business: Hello from Landstuhl Germany and Fun Unlimited; a new water sports rental business in the St Pete Florida area! I will warn you, this is the first time I have ever written a BLOG (is that even supposed to be capitalized?) post, but let’s be brave and step forward into the unknown. Sunset at St John's Pass (St Pete area) Feb 2013 Are you still there? Great! So who am I?… My name is Keith Quien, I was born and raised in Whitefish Montana. I am also a Navy Reservist and and an entrepreneur. I am married (7 years now!) to a wonderful, loving, and supportive woman. Cara (my wife) is an angel; always supportive, loving, kind, and a wonderful mother to our three daughters. My world revolves around my three daughters (Kyla, Lena, and Nora).  They motivate me to be the hero they think I am (I’m 12% of the way there!). I have been in the Military for 15 years now (Air Force medic for four years and a Navy Healthcare Administrator for 11). The military has been good to me. It has allowed me to travel the world, picking up a unique and broader perspective, and it has given me experience that is invaluable. The military does a great job of taking young men and women at a very young age and grooming them to become leaders. I’d like to think that even a little of that rubbed off on me. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that it has been a struggle to balance a military career while also trying to put together successful businesses. So far the equation has been: fail, fail, fail, fail, fail. It is a very consistent track record. But honestly, I believe that you learn best from your mistakes. If we hadn’t experienced setbacks and defeat, we wouldn’t be where we are today: poised for success! (Did I mention that I feel that it is absolutely important to stay as optimistic?) That with the added bonus that success will be that much sweeter! I am currently a Navy Reservist (see weekend warrior) deployed to Landstuhl Germany. With Brady’s help ( my Father-in-law) we started our St Pete location while I was deployed to Germany.  This Germany tour has been a great tour but with one more month remaining, I’m looking forward to getting the heck out of Europe and back home to family and friends; and to be back home, working on my passion, which is business. So why am I blogging? I will be blogging in an attempt to build a community. I would very much enjoy to have a dialog and get feedback from/with fellow entrepreneurs, outdoor junkies, and hopefully even potential clients. What will I be blogging about? Anything that seems to be interesting to me or the group. Here are some things that I find interesting that we can talk about: water sports, Florida, paddleboarding, fishing, business, the pursuit of happiness, living simply, family, boating, jet skis (waverunners), Groupon, building a business, importing products, inventing products, Business success/failure, managing teams (see building a team and finding the right people), real estate, anything..etc etc. Can you leave feedback? Absolutely, that is the whole point of this. I want to create a conversation with you.  I will ask that you try to keep your criticisms and feedback to the constructive and respectful realm. So with that said, thank you for reading. I look forward to our little blogging adventure.  Next time we will talk a little about Fun Unlimited and how it came into being. Don’t forget to be awesome, Keith Quien Owner, Fun Unlimited