Sometimes renting a boat for an afternoon just doesn’t cut it. With lots to explore in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, FL, we certainly understand those who want a little more flexibility with their boat rentals. You know who you are. At Fun Unlimited, LLC, we’re not here to moderate your plans. Instead, we are proud to offer long-term (weekly or monthly) boat rentals, so you won’t feel limited to dawn-to-dusk hours. Rent a boat for a weeklong fishing trip, or let the sea know who’s in charge by renting for a month or longer. Simply call us at (727) 479-9075 to reserve a boat rental for an extended period of time, or reserve online.

Sample Itineraries

Whether you’re visiting Clearwater or St. Petersburg, FL, it makes sense to plan accordingly and make the most of your time away from the doldrums of life. Below you’ll find some sample itineraries and ideas that will enhance any trip.
  • Start a cruise! When renting a boat for an extended period, you can plan a personal cruise down the Gulf of Mexico, visiting all the major cities along the western Florida coast on your way. Whether the cruise lasts a weekend or a week, you won’t be stressing over return times and fees.
  • Host a small boat party. With seating for up to 10, our deck boat rentals are perfect vessels for hosting a little ocean outing with friends and family. Celebrate a birthday, enjoy some bubbly, or simply relax in the Florida sun. Just be sure to bring the sunscreen and plenty of water!
  • Go fishing. Spend a weekend solo with a tacklebox at your side and a cooler full of angler necessities. Head out into the peninsula and prepare the nets and poles for some action. Just outside of St. Petersburg and Clearwater, anglers are guaranteed to see hordes of snapper, grouper, redfish, and even bluefish.
  • Snorkeling and Diving. If you’re a master diver looking to explore the depths of the Gulf for the first or thousandth time, grab the keys to a boat rental and plan an extended scuba outing. Buddy up with a friend and visit the beautiful reefs and unchartered sea floors.
  • Relax. Of course, planning isn’t essential if that’s the one thing you’re vacationing to get away from. Just sit back, grab a drink, and relax. Who says you need to do something specific for the vacation to be eventful?
Our newest boat rentals are available today, and we offer daily rates as well as extended rates. If you’d like to see where the ocean can take you, contact us at (727) 479-9075  to rent a boat for a week, month, or longer!